Friday, April 9, 2010

Transition Movements springing up like wildflowers!

I just learned about two of these-- Transition Decade & MAHB's outreach push-- in the last ten hours.

I'm going to post an incomplete draft 0.6 and then revise it later today. Disclosure at end.
-- Jim

Transition Decade

The Transition Decade creates a campaign platform and a shared timeline
for action for the next ten years. (Australia, 10 group coalition, launched 2/14/2010, acknowledges debt to Lester Brown's 1990 suggestion of a "Transition Decade" in 1990.) Official homepage

Transition (Town) Movement
Started in Fall 2005 in Kinsale, Ireland by Louise Rooney and Rob Hopkins, this movement attempts to build community-based efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce our oil dependence and build community. 284 official initiatives as of April 8th, 2010. Third annual conference coming up in June 2010 in Britain. Now based in Totnes, UK. <-- early history <-- movement home page

Great Transition Initiative
Started in 1995, The Great Transition Initiative is a growing
international network of scholars and activists that
analyzes alternative scenarios and charts a path to a hopeful future. Based in Cambridge, MA out of Harvard University. Has many monographs and thinkpieces. Official home page

Four Years. Go
Dedicated to the notion that the planet is at a tipping point, this campaign stresses that the next four years will determine the course of the next thousand years. This effort comes out of the Pachamama Alliance. It was born out of a speech by Lynne Twiss. Strongest on outreach, light on theory, the four years in question run from February 14, 2010 (Valentine's Day) to 2/14/14.

Millennium Assessment of Human Behavior (MAHB)
Pronounced “mob”, this initiative was catalyzed by Paul Ehrlich, a MacArthur award winning senior biologist most famous for writing the bestseller The Population Bomb in 1968. While it has been around for a fw months, it went public more loudly on April 6th, 2010 with the publication of an article in an online science magazine.

Defusing the Nuclear Threat (Stanford University)

Professor Martin Hellman, who helped build the anti-nuclear group Beyond War, is trying to start a Stanford University effort that will go global. I don't know if he's talked to Paul Ehrlich (I imagine they must know each other, bring professor emeriti on the same campus).

(Disclosure: I'm on-board with a number of these: I helped start Transition Town Asheville in December 2006 w/ two others; am recently part of the Great Transition Institute network; am recently part of the Four Years. Go connectors group, helped found the US Citizen's Network for the 1992 Earth Summit, and got started with all this by reading the Population Bomb in 1970 after the first Earth Day.)

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