Thursday, February 22, 2007

Evening's Doings

Went to an Energy in a Box training tonight, sponsored by the Clean Air Community Trust. The idea came out of the Design Science Lab last summer at UNCA, but tonight's program was actually done by Progress Energy, by the guy who staffed the conservation table at Jan. 9th Woodfin Elementary School Progress Energy dog and pony show.

The training was an abridged version of the Energy Doctor program I went through in August 1987 in Santa Cruz, CA (compact flourescent light bulbs, insulation tape for windows, light and outlet covers, distribution of lowflow faucets and showerheads, minus wrapping water heaters). I'm sorry to say that, after thousands (tens of thousands?) of households in the community got these things for free; I don't know what the effect of it was.

But I'll write to some city councillors right now and ask them.

Also, nudged by Nicholas Stern's endorsement of it in his talk at the London School of Economics, I googled "Contraction and Convergence". The originator's website for it sucks, and has truly horrid blinking headlines.

The Oxford student site at
on the other hand is spare, beautiful and well-done.

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