Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Annie for City Council

Over on Brainshrub's blog at
I learned that a white woman-- a former chair of her local NAACP-- is running for city council in Covington, Louisiana, which is north of New Orleans.

Here's what he says about her:

"Annie is renowned within the activist community for her tireless efforts on behalf of progressive values. Here is a small sample of the many projects she's been involved in:

  • She successfully defeated State attempts to secure death penalty sentences in every capital case her law firm has ever handled.
  • She was a president of the Greater Covington NAACP, only the second white female to hold such a post in NAACP history.
  • She was instrumental in the formation of both the Louisiana Activist Network and the Covington Peace Project where she continues to advocate for sane and thoughtful approaches to issues of war and terrorism.
  • She was a house lawyer for Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas during the summer of 2005."
You can donate to her campaign at
and read more about her at

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