Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bumpersticker Visions

I was driving (yes, a rented car) along Haywood Road, wondering how many of my fellow citizens got it about peak oil and the need for a new lifestyle.

I saw a new health club at Haywood and Patton, with a name like a corporate radio brand: "The Rush". Apparently the complex is 40,000 square feet. All well and good, but in a month where
• hunting licenses are on the rise because budgets are tight
• electricity use is down by 7% for the same reason
• gas purchases have been going down, and transit use up-- even though gas is half the price it was just a few months ago......

do these folks really think that folks will an unspecified amount of money
(never a good sign when the price is available only by talking to a push sales person)
to exercise when they could bike or walk up these plentiful hills?

I don't think they get it, and imagine they are going under.
In contrast....

a minute after that, I saw a woman with two bumperstickers--
one that has been around for quite a while on simple living, and the other apparently homemade, which said something like "This petroleum bonanza is a one time deal."

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